The 15 best helpdesk software to manage customer service

Helpdesk software has become an important part of modern business platforms, especially for integration with CRM solutions to ensure good productivity and efficiency within a company. Especially since the larger the company and the larger the customer base, the more important it is to manage them efficiently.

Automation remains the key to business efficiency, especially when dealing with high-volume communications, and online chat and customer service software aims to help manage the workload. Working with other product platforms, this means that such software is not simply a means of receiving and responding to customer messages, but can be part of a broader integrated management approach that links support to sales to better track marketing effectiveness.

However, finding the right helpdesk software for customer service management can become a challenge when there are now so many different options available.

Zendesk is a handy software designed to help users better manage their small business customer service. With its long experience in customer support, the platform supports users and guides them progressively. Moreover, Zendesk’s customer service remains available to users in case of needs: possible questions or problems. One of the great advantages of the tool is that it is easy to use, the interface is intuitive enough that even the most novice can find their way around easily. Zendesk allows both small and large businesses to keep good relationships with their customers. The tool offers its users the ability to create a modern messaging system that responds to customers with optimal responsiveness.

Axonaut is a customer and prospect management tool. Its functionalities are mainly focused on improving the loyalty strategy. Complete, intuitive and powerful, it is adapted to VSEs, SMEs, start-ups and freelancers. It is an all-in-one solution that allows its users to save a considerable amount of time in order to better focus on their core business. Respond quickly to customers thanks to adapted formulas, follow a customer, see his availability and list all exchanges. Axonaut also offers complete and efficient functionalities for both the first point of contact and the final acquisition of a customer. It brings together CRM, quotes, invoices, accounting and cash flow. The solution can be used by many publishers. This software allows you to improve the sales process while ensuring the quality of customer service. It is ideal to ensure a good level of customer satisfaction and thus increase sales figures. This online tool is accessible on PC, tablet or Smartphone. Today, Axonaut has more than 30,000 users on its account.

Freshdesk is a multi-channel platform with many advanced features. The tool is an automation software; thanks to this application, users can automate repetitive tasks, which saves time and money.s valuable. Indeed, the application is able to generate quick and consistent predefined answers to the most frequently asked questions. In addition, a dashboard allows monitoring the support center, so users have an overview of real-time data and trends. In addition, it is possible to integrate social network accounts such as Facebook and Twitter so that they can be managed from a single medium. Furthermore, the software offers users a wide range of customization options.

Gorgias is a powerful tool for optimizing customer service and making the most of it. With this customer support platform, all businesses and companies involved in e-commerce can facilitate several tasks. Multichannel, Gorgias allows a connection to all customer service networks in order to perform repetitive tasks faster. This tool offers essential functionalities. Thanks to this digital assistant, it becomes much easier to manage emails, chats, phone calls and SMS with more professionalism. Gorgias also provides users with a single dashboard to manage the aforementioned along with Messenger, Facebook and Instagram. Automatic or custom response templates can be shared with colleagues to standardize messages sent to customers. Gorgias works with back-office data from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, ReCharge and others. In addition to being able to respond to customers within seconds, this software gives the right to auto-responder configurations to improve the speed of resolution, depending on the business needs.

Crisp is a major player in CRM and chat software. It is therefore logical that it is one of the essential tools to manage your company’s customer service. Much more than an online chat tool, Crisp allows you to optimize and improve your customer management processes through different channels. With the Chatbot feature at the heart of the solution, customers can benefit from a fast and smooth conversational experience through automated interactions and direct conversations to the right departments. Without entering a single line of code, it is very easy to program the Chatbot thanks to an intuitive editor that can be deployed in just a few clicks. In the end, Crisp allows you to provide incredible customer service, while making your employees more efficient and productive. See our review of Crisp.

Zoho Desk is a feature-rich and innovative customer support software. With this platform, repetitive tasks can be automated, saving valuable time. Users can track trends and make improvements for an authentic customer experience. The app promotes team coordination, employees from different departments can work together for better productivity. Zoho Desk is a multi-channel platform, users can receive customer messages from different channels and manage these messages from a single location.n single support. With Zoho Desk, it is also possible to design analytical reports that allow you to visualize the team’s performance. Dashboards are used to track current trends.

Help Scout provides high quality customer service software that helps small and large organizations provide customer support. Help Scout is designed to appear as a personal email. There are no impersonal tickets, cases or templates to keep track of. Users can set up multiple email boxes for each shared address, allowing them to collaborate across departments or manage multiple products/brands from a single account. The reporting feature can be used to track team performance, identify trends and monitor customer satisfaction. Users can observe which emails are being handled in real time with Help Scout, ensuring that team members are not responding to the same customer repeatedly.

Helpdesk is a customer support application with many options. Indeed, the software is very practical: it allows automating the most repetitive tasks, which saves time. With Helpdesk, users can easily create a customizable dashboard that provides an overview of workflows. In addition, the software helps users better manage customer messages in a ticketing system: incoming emails, web form requests. It is also possible to group tickets according to specific filters and create customized ticket lists. The software also promotes teamwork, where team members can collaborate to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Front is a customer communication tool that allows for better management of emails and other applications from a support. Users have the ability to create customizable email templates for more responsive messaging, making customers more satisfied. Customer messages are kept in a secure source where users and their team can interact with them. Front is also a software that is based on automation, users can furthermore integrate other non-email applications into their inbox. Workflows can be created to route messages. An analysis of emails with Front can be used to identify trends in order to develop the company more effectively.

Sprinklr is a SaaS customer experience management platform that solves a recurring problem for small and medium-sized businesses and various e-businesses. This digital tool gives you the ability to respond immediately to your customers’ questions about the company’s services. Sprinklr is based on a Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform. This collaborative software helps you engage customers and prospects on a virtual basis.ingt of social networks, a dozen messaging platforms and hundreds of millions of online sources. Sprinklr also stands out for its partnership with the TikTok API. Thanks to its AI-based system, the platform detects the sentiment and intention of each customer. This allows it to respond at the right time and in a satisfactory manner. The main objective of this customer service management solution is to ensure that the customer is listened to and understood in order to provide the best experience. Sprinklr is available on Windows and on Mac OS as a paid version.

Mint Service Desk is an application designed to provide users with responsive and authentic customer service. The platform stands out for its wide customization options. Users can choose from a wide range of templates to create a customer support that reflects their company’s image. In addition, it is possible to communicate with customers on various social networks and also via email. In addition, Mint Service Desk offers users the possibility to chat with customers in real time through the live chat option. The application also allows users who are members of the same team to chat with each other privately for better productivity. The software has many powerful features to provide customer satisfaction.

Groove is a platform dedicated to customer support offering a relatively short response time. The tool has the advantage of being a multi-channel software, so customer messages from different channels can be managed from a single support. Groove also allows for better organization, each team member is informed of the tasks assigned to them. Private notes can also be used so that team members can discuss in private. Moreover, an option in Groove allows to detect if someone is already responding to a conversation, this avoids unprofessional double responses. It is also possible to create predefined answer templates for the most frequently asked questions.

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